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Accounting for your 'aha' moments.

Through our Outsourced CFO and Accounting services, we help owners and entrepreneurs discover their lightbulb moments, analyze their financial performance, and identify impactful ideas for business growth and profitability that may be evident within the numbers.

Identify big ideas & profit boosts.

Your numbers are telling you a story. They are trying to show you opportunities for improved profitability, better margins and game-changing ideas. For most business owners, the story seems like a foreign language that is just too hard to understand.  

Our brilliant accounting minds break down your numbers into small packages filled with big ideas that enable you to gain a clear picture. We help you do extraordinary things with your business through the effective utilization of your numbers and financial statements.

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CFO Services

Uncover big ideas to make your business more efficient and competitive. Access timely, accurate, insightful ideas in your financial data with our Outsourced CFOs.

Business Lending & Financing

Cost-effective lending solutions to help bring your business growth ideas to life.
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Financial Reporting and Analysis

Unlock the power of your financial data & understand what your data is telling you instead of just staring at the numbers.
Outsourced accounting services Kansas City

Outsourced Accounting

Save time and money while gaining access to expertise, improved accuracy, scalability, and flexibility, allowing you to maintain your focus on growing your business.
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Tax Planning

Minimize the tax headaches with proactive planning and ideas for a tax-efficient financial strategy.
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Cash Flow Forecasting

Avoid a cash crisis and gain clarity on your present and future cash position with accurate cash flow forecasting and management.

Technology & Software Implementation

Improve efficiency and productivity, and transform your data with powerful accounting technology and implementation support.
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M&A Due Diligence Advisory

Get clarity and understanding of complex merger and acquisition variables whilst navigating transactions with confidence.

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You send your current financial statements, management reports, and tax returns to us so we can see the big picture.

We're zoning in.

We will analyze your financial reporting and processes and compare it to best practices.

Let's cook up ideas together.

We will provide you with a brief report with new ideas and suggestions to save your business time and money.

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