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Is your business financially fit? Unsure? Grab our complimentary, obligation-free financial assessment. Our expert team will analyze your tax structure, financial processes, and reporting, highlighting potential savings and efficiencies, benchmarked against industry best practices. Invest time in understanding; save money in implementation.

Schedule a free financial assessment with a Notion CFO & Advisors expert.


Uncover potential savings and efficiencies in your business.

Once you request your complimentary financial assessment, our skilled team will contact you for the requisite financial data. We then meticulously dissect the numbers, culminating in an easy-to-understand report packed with innovative suggestions and big ideas aimed at boosting your financial standing.

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Let's chat.

Our team spends time with you learning about your financial processes, reporting, and current tax structure.

Loop us in.

You send your current financial statements, management reports, and tax returns to us so we can see the big picture.

We're zoning in.

We will analyze your financial reporting and processes and compare it to best practices.

Let's cook up ideas together.

We will provide you with a brief report with new ideas and suggestions to save your business time and money.

Gain a clear idea of where your business stands today!

This is a no strings attached offer to small business owners wanting to have a clear idea of where their business stands and gain valuable suggestions on improving performance. Don’t miss out, request your free financial assessment today!


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