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Seamless Transition and Sale: Manufacturing Business

When their CFO suddenly left in 2021, they chose us as a fractional CFO and positioned the business for a possible sale within the next few years.




Our client is a glass-to-metal seal manufacturer. When their CFO suddenly left in 2021, they chose us as a fractional CFO and positioned the business for a possible sale within the next few years. We came in with no transition and little guidance, but we streamlined the accounting processes and ensured financial accuracy.

In 2022, a Buyer approached our client and hired a large public accounting firm to conduct due diligence. Our client counted on us to handle anything financial and close the deal as quickly as possible.


Here are a few things we did to make the business sale process more efficient and successful.

  1. We worked through the due diligence with the large public accounting firm, provided accurate financial documentation in a timely manner, and answered every question to help the due diligence team quickly evaluate the company and complete the financial analysis.
  2. We provided the tax team with the financial information and analysis needed for proper tax planning. We also assisted the tax team in filing final tax returns.
  3. We reviewed the Membership Interest Purchase Agreement with the Attorney and ensured that the representations and warranties concerning the financial statements and tax matters were acceptable.
  4. We completed the requests made by the large public accounting firm for preliminary closing statements. Also, we provided the Investment Banking Firm with an estimate of net working capital for the closing date so that there was no surprise in post-closing adjustment payment.
  5. When the closing was complete, we helped the buyer with the transition and remained the CFO/Controller for one year. In the process, we assisted the buyers in purchase accounting, transfer of the 401k plan to another provider, and transition of the payroll function to a new payroll provider. In addition, we coped with the challenge of shortening the month-end close process from 10 days to 5.


As a result of working with us as an integral team member in selling the business, our client successfully completed the closing within 6 months from the start of due diligence. The process was smooth. Our client received very positive feedback from the buyer on the organization and around the structure of the financials.

Additionally, the buyer retained our fractional CFO services, which ensured a smooth and successful transition. In short, we brought integrity, accuracy, and efficiency to both the seller and the buyer.


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