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Access timely, accurate and insightful ideas in your financial data.

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Business is challenging and fast-paced. We know because we’ve been in your shoes before as small business owners. You wear many hats that soak up all the time in your day with little time remaining to focus on big-picture thinking. Working with an Outsourced CFO like Notion CFO and Advisors in Kansas City allows you to see the bigger picture through timely and accurate financial information and implement the right strategies for success in your business.

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Access disciplined financial processes.

There are big ideas hidden in your numbers. Ideas for profit improvements, efficient processes, and better financial performance. Through our Outsourced CFO Services, we work closely with you to develop deep insight into your business and financial performance, compare our findings with industry best practices, and uncover the big ideas to make your businesses more competitive.

Following that, we manage compliance obligations, evaluate new growth opportunities or improve your overall finance function with our Outsourced CFO services developed with your needs at its core.

Discover areas of efficiency and profit improvements.

We spend the time upfront for deep insight into your current tax structure, financial processes, cash flow position, and reporting to enable us to provide ongoing recommendations for more efficient processes, profit improvements and big growth ideas.

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We set up and manage ongoing cloud accounting processes with the best technology solutions available to multiple industries.
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Software Implementation

Our accounting software specialists will implement, integrate and manage software solutions for full transparency of your financial data and performance.
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Get an ongoing detailed analysis and interpretation of your financial data into accurate and easy-to-understand information.
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We help manage your internal accounting staff to provide accountability and more efficient processes.
Notion CFO & Advisors has brought fresh and impactful ideas to our business that have improved our bottom line.

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Outsourced CFO Services

Discover everything you need to know to decide if Outsourced CFO services are right for your business.