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Xin Guo


Xin is a true business expert that thrives on helping business owners and their teams solve business management problems. A specialist in cost management, supply chain management, and international business, Xin owned and ran his own successful business, Texin Garments Co., Ltd. in China for several years. But his love for helping build businesses didn’t start there. When he was 10 years old, he helped his grandma run a shop by serving as a cashier and serving customers.

Xin understands what his clients are going through. Going to college in the US had been a dream of his since he was 19 years old. Almost impossible to attain for ordinary Chinese families like his due to the annual cost of studying in the US being 20 times as much as the annual income his parents brought home, and not having options for student loans in China, Xin started to work early. He worked full-time while pursuing an accounting degree in China, and with 12 years of hard work, saved enough money to achieve the almost impossible dream of studying in the US. Now he is the CFO of Cerritos High Education Foundation (CHEF) serving their students and giving back to the community.

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