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Neal Adams


Before joining Notion CFO & Advisors, Neal spent 3 years working for the largest CPA firm in the world, auditing clients in the financial management and manufacturing industries. Even with his big firm experience, Neal is firmly rooted in helping small businesses. His father has owned and operated his own small business since 1981 and his uncle owned his own business until passing in 2012. Meanwhile, his mother was the bookkeeper for his uncle’s business and still is for his father’s. Working for and with each of them from a young age, he experienced firsthand the hard work required to run a successful business and wants to help put them in the best possible position to be successful.

Neal grew up with a family who loved numbers and is now one of four CPAs in his family. He received his undergraduate and Masters degrees from Kansas State University. He was born and raised a Kansas State fan, and that passion continues through today as his wife and him are both football season ticket holders.

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