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David Feist


David is on a mission to correct and implement financial and back-office processes to help business owners and stakeholders achieve greatness. This means getting them accurate, timely, and useful financials while providing stakeholders with data that can be used to make better business decisions. For him, being able to offer recommendations based on past experiences and what he is seeing with other clients is one of the most significant things he can offer.

Receiving his Bachelor’s in Accounting and Master of Accountancy from Kansas State University, David has special expertise in financial reporting, construction, specialty trade issues, and such areas as job costing, project-based accounting, revenue recognition, and navigating construction-specific software platforms.

David is passionate about helping teams at each level make decisions that they can feel comfortable with thanks to the information provided. He is also glad that he can free up time for business owners to spend doing what they are good at and what is needed, instead of something they may hate.

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