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Austin Winter

Senior Consultant

Austin has known that he wants to help people achieve their dreams for a long time. His goal is to start his own business one day, and he passes that motivation along to the people he helps at Notion CFO & Advisors. Austin went to college at Kansas State University and got his Undergraduate and Masters in accounting. From there, his skills in the field have only skyrocketed as he worked in the banking and manufacturing industry. He finds joy in being able to help small business owners make intelligent decisions and grow their businesses from the ground up. To Austin, the essential part of working in this industry is the people behind it. From helping clients to growing his team, Austin likes to see success and growth in the world around him. If his day includes being able to help people achieve their dreams, he will go home happy.

Austin’s family and friends play a large part in what he does, and he likes to think that his achievements are because of their support. He is a huge KSU fan, and with his season tickets, he can be found rooting for the local team outside of work.

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